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What is The Meaning Project?


The Meaning Project is an opportunity to share information, experience, and knowledge with those who would benefit from it, while connecting like-minded people in a way that is helpful to all involved.

The Meaning Project is a way of sharing my training, research, insight, and practices with more people in an innovative and exciting way, I hope.

The Meaning Project will focus on the science, psychology, and philosophy behind ideas like Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, noetic health in relation to overall health, methods and techniques for discovering meaning in your life, and quite a bit more.  It is the culmination of the past several years of doctoral studies, and nearly two decades in practice helping people.

The Meaning Project is already taking shape.  Sign up for our weekly Mental Health & Meaning email to be the first to know about new offerings.  In the near future, I will have a workbook available to start the conversation – from there, I hope to offer a collaborative opportunity to share ideas and questions.  With that, we’ll see where it goes, what people need, and what is asked for.

Much like counseling, the goal of The Meaning Project is to help people where they are at and to recognize each individual’s unique needs – unlike counseling, the aim is to do it in new and innovative ways.