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Do you need help for substance abuse?


Do you drink too much?


Have you found yourself hooked on prescription pain killers?


Are you in trouble with the law, or

school, or your family for drug use?


We can help


Whether you are struggling with substance use yourself 

Or someone you care about is abusing substances




We currently offer two forms of treatment with a third in development.

We provide a three-session intensive assessment with a licensed substance abuse therapist; consisting of interview, objective measure (test), follow-up session, and any reports you may need for legal or other situations.  Contact Dan to schedule an appointment.

We also provide individual and family counseling specifically focused on substance abuse recovery.

Finally, in the near future, we will offer an online course in substance abuse – this course will be beneficial for struggling substance abusers, as well as those who care about them.  Check back for more details soon.