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Are you struggling with the prolonged deep sadness of depression?  Are you distressed over frequently feeling anxious or overly nervous?  Have you been feeling “stressed out” lately without any obvious reason why?  We can help you through it.  As current and future Licensed Mental Health Counselors, this is an area we have spent years studying, teaching, and helping others to improve.  We have studied the best coping skills for these situations, learned about the best methods to change these patterns, and have helped many people to get through it, improve their situation, and work towards preventing future occurrences.

If your goal is to avoid long-term medication use, then we share the same goal.  There are times when medication may be helpful for short-term improvement.  But often the combination of medicine and counseling can help prevent needing a prescription for an extended period of time.  We can also work to wean you off the medicine you are currently on, with the guidance and approval of your physician.


Are you living with a substance abusing spouse, or are you concerned your child might be giving in to peer pressure and experimenting with marijuana?  Are you struggling with alcoholism or drug use yourself?  I can help.  As a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, this is one of my areas of expertise.  I spent a significant portion of my career helping substance abusing adolescents, and their families in intensive treatment situations.  Since that time, I have worked on learning more about the art and science of play therapy to allow me to work with children and teens more effectively whether it relates to substance abuse, or other childhood concerns like school, peer relationships, and family interactions.  (Dan’s area of expertise and licensure)


Is your marriage struggling?  Have you thought about divorce?  Are you recovering from the devastating effects of an affair?  Or are you just at the point of “giving up” and not sure what to do to help your relationship?  It gets better.  It takes times and effort, but your marriage can heal, your relationship can improve.  It is a difficult process, one that I have worked through with many couples.  You will find that if you are able to do the work, the results are well worth the effort.


Both Chad and Dan have undergone intensive study to be able help in the areas of Trauma and PTSD.  Chad is able to offer EMDR – a specialized treatment with strong research-validated results.  Those who have worked with Chad using EMDR report having positive results and relief from their symptoms.  Dan has studied Cognitive Processing Therapy – specifically for use with the military and Veterans, but also generalized to help anyone struggling with PTSD or Trauma symptoms.  Both techniques are time-sensitive and well researched evidence-based practices – highly recommended forms of treatment for Trauma and PTSD.


Have you been struggling under unhealthy levels of stress at work?  Are you contemplating making a career decision, or thinking about changing your professional path?   This is an area where we not only have clinical expertise, but personal experience as well.  We can relate to the frustrations of a difficult work life and its impact on your health and family.  We can also help guide you through to greener pastures, or seeing that the current situation can be improved.


We proudly serve those who serve.  Several of us in the practice have a personal connection, and feel a personal calling, to serve our military personnel.  He have trained through the Star Behavioral Health Program and the Center for Deployment Psychology.  We are experienced in working with our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and their families through the stages of deployment.  We receive on-going education in working with issues unique to our Armed Services personnel once they return home.  We understand it is not easy to ask for help.  Be assured that we practice the highest levels of confidentiality to maintain your privacy.  We respect and appreciate your service to our country, and we are honored to help in any way.

These are the areas we specialize in; the areas we have studied most extensively and helped other people with most often.  There are other areas of counseling and therapy that we are proficient in; and, admittedly, some that we am not.  Please feel free to call or email to discuss whether or not we are able to help you.  If we believe we can help, we can move towards a counseling or coaching relationship.  If we are not able to help, we will work with you to find someone who can help with your specific needs.

We are always researching grant opportunities and ways to help our military personnel who may not have the benefits or resources for counseling outside the VA.  Please do not let finances or insurance prevent you from calling or reaching out for help – we will work with you and your situation.