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Cost and Insurance

The cost for counseling is subject to a number of variables.  Most importantly is the variable of insurance.  Some people choose to use their insurance, some do not.  When not using insurance, we engage in a simple fee-for-service agreement.  Each therapist has set their own fee-for-service rates, and is comfortable discussing them with you.  For those who would like to use their insurance benefits, we have brief Insurance Policy you can review here (attachment – link)

For those choosing to use insurance, treatment is often subject to the insurance company’s discretion.  Insurance companies are diverse and ever-changing businesses – in the past few years, we have seen many more small insurance companies and insurance middle-men pop up, sometimes complicating the process receiving payment for claims.

Typically, once we meet for the first time and we have a copy of your insurance card, we will call the insurance company to find out if pre-authorization or pre-certification is required and will work with them to maintain authorization as needed.  Your policy is subject to all applicable deductibles and copays, and is something you can explore on your own with the insurance company, or we can work with you to explore.  This can sometimes be a difficult process to navigate; we are always willing to help.

When working with insurance, we will be asked to apply a diagnostic label to our work together.  Whether we are working individually, in a couples setting, or in family counseling, the insurance company will require a diagnostic label if they are to pay for services..  Some clients have questions or concerns about the diagnostic process as it relates to insurance – if you do, please let us know and we can discuss it more in-depth.

Please note – using insurance benefits is not a guarantee of services being paid for.  We are always willing to help navigate insurance policies to the best of our ability.  However, it is the client’s responsibility to know their insurance policy and to make payment on any services not covered by insurance.


If you do not wish to use insurance, or you do not have a policy that covers counseling, each therapist has  fee-for-service rates and a sliding-fee-schedule you can discuss with them.

For those using insurance, rates vary and are dictated by the network contract with each insurance separate insurance company.  We make every effort to track the rates of the various insurance providers and can often provide an estimate.  We often recommend the client contact their insurance company and ask about benefits as well – insurance companies are often more responsive to the customers they are supposed to support, rather than the agencies, like ours, that are asking to be paid.

National Health Service Corps

We are, at this time, under contract with the National Health Services Corps to provide services regardless of income.  That means that we will provide counseling, at a reduced rate, depending on your level of income as recorded by your previous year’s tax records.  In order to qualify for a reduced rate, we will need to review those records, and compare them to the National standards.  For more information on that, please feel free to contact us directly.

If you have any questions about the process of counseling or subjects related to it, please feel free to call or email us.