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Put our training and experience to work for you to build a therapeutic relationship focused on changing behaviors and attitudes, healing from the past, and growing healthier.  We work with individual, families, couples, and groups using a variety of techniques and theories.  Most insurance companies cover some portion of counseling – find out more in our Cost and Insurance section.


Coaching is a goal-oriented and future-focused process where we help you structure a plan to achieve agreed upon objectives.  Some topics for coaching are career goals, personal health and fitness, relationship growth, or any number of potential concepts.  Because coaching cannot utilize insurance benefits, it is not bound by insurance rules.  Therefore coaching can be conducted over distance utilizing modern technology, in our offices, or in your environment.  Contact any one of our professionals to see how Coaching might benefit you.



We are experts in group dynamics and their impact on the work environment.  Let us teach you how to harness the power of Industrial/Organization Psychology and Management Science to become a more effective individual leader, build a better team, or identify and eliminate group dysfunction.  Contact Dan to discuss our past work, and how we can help your group.



We have years of experience speaking with individuals, small groups, or full auditoriums.  We’ve taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, conducted trainings on a myriad of topics, presented seminars at local, state, and National conferences.  Contact us to see what we might have to say to your audience.