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Organizational Management Consulting 

Consulting is a natural reflection of the years we have spent studying quite a variety of topics related to and combining psychology and business.  From that work, we have put together a portfolio of trainings, discussions, presentations, and media appearances on these concepts.

Areas of focus include:

Team Dysfunction – nobody likes to admit it, but just like most families, every team has a little bit (or a lot) of dysfunction in it.  It takes a courageous leader to admit that, and to work to fix it.  That’s where we can help.  Whether through a one or two day offsite, or a more extended and involved intervention, we can help your team build trust, engage in productive conflict, build accountability, and maximize results.  Each organization is unique in their dysfunction, many never have the courage to admit their dysfunction – the process we utilize produces positive results in every organization we work with.

Individual Leadership and Management Coaching – sometimes an individual leader just needs a little assistance.  Communication patterns, conflict resolution, team building, work – life balance, stress management – these are just a few of the areas we can help with.  Our knowledge of individual and organizational psychology and our experience in business and leadership offers a unique opportunity to work together to improve your productivity and satisfaction.

Team Meeting structure and functionalityeveryone loves a good meeting, right?  Probably not, but they should.  A “good” meeting is full of healthy conflict, internal and external accountability, and commitment to move forward in the same direction even if not everyone agrees.  It may be because you are not having enough meetings, or you are having to many.  Often, we find that it is because the meetings are being scheduled, but not conducted in a productive manner.  We can help you put together a more effective structure and guide your team to making those meetings more productive.

Executive Teamwork – silos, political in-fighting, turf wars; they all look about the same, and all are equally damaging to the productivity of any organization.  These squabbles are sometimes viewed as immature and irresponsible, but may be the product of a positive motivation to see the corporation succeed.  We can help focus your team so that everyone is moving in the same direction around a core thematic goal, while still taking care of their day-to-day operational duties.  Through this method, many companies find that they are able to excel in their daily business, and grow in ways that were impossible while individuals were focusing more on their personal “silo” than the overall business.


Other areas of consultation:

Office of National Drug Control Policy w/ public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard and marketing firm Draft FCB.

Local media in Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, and other locations throughout the Midwest.

National media with CNN, Fox News, and the Jack & Ali show.

Grace College School of Counselor Education.

These are just a few areas that where we are uniquely qualified to help.  To discuss your unique needs, and how we can be of assistance as you work to improve your situation, please feel free to Contact us.