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The process of coaching is usually future focused and process oriented – meaning we will establish a structure to work towards agreed upon goals.  We will design and implement a plan and work towards achieving a specific personal professional result.

As a trained therapist and mental health counselor, it is natural for me to employ psychological theory related to motivation and goal achievement in a coaching setting.  As a former clinical manager and executive, and current small business owner I will also use my experience in these setting to assist you with your professional goals.

Although the theoretical basis for coaching springs from counseling and psychology; there are some specific areas where coaching allows different opportunities.  First, we cannot use insurance in a coaching situation; therefore we are not bound by insurance regulations.  This means coaching can be provided in settings outside of my office.  We can work in your natural environment so that I can observe more of the situation and provide more in-depth analysis and feedback.  I am also able to provide coaching via phone, email, and Skype, allowing for more convenient opportunities to connect that may better fit your needs or time constraints.

Although most goal-oriented people and situations can benefit from coaching, there are several areas that I specialize in:

Personal Health and Fitness – improving your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual fitness by setting observable and measureable goals, and implementing a plan to achieve them.  Different from counseling, my role is to help you in the goal setting and planning process, and work to help hold you accountable through a variety of opportunities.

Family Coaching – my approach to family coaching is definitely a hybrid of counseling and coaching.  By utilizing a coaching model, I am free to work with you in your natural environment.  We will work more on goal-oriented processes, but we will certainly be talking about your family system, communication, and relationships in the family.

Work Stress – planning and goal setting to improve your work situation and how you accept, relate, and cope with the stress of that situation

Management – Industrial / Organizational Psychology has come a long way since the Industrial Revolution, how can you use it in your organization to improve productivity and have happier, healthier, more productive employees?  This is an area where experience plays a big role in the work I do.

Small Business – this is one of my greatest coaching passions, helping people move from a work/organization/employee situation to one of taking responsibility for their own work and financial future.  I’ve done it myself in my field, and feel confident that I can help you in yours.


Coaching rates are similar to counseling.  All fees are payable via Paypal invoice (debit or credit, you do not have to have an account) prior to the session.

  • Live coaching via phone, Skype, or in-person, 60-90 minutes: $125
  • Face-to-face coaching in your environment is the same cost, flat fee for travel within 100 miles: $100

You take away from each session:

  • document of my notes
  • action plan
  • unlimited pre & post email follow up as needed

Greater travel distance, larger group coaching, and longer full day or multi-day coaching experiences focused and your specific needs, or the needs of your group are all negotiable.  These are all endeavors I enjoy working on with clients, and take quite a bit more time to plan and prepare for.

It will be well worth the time, energy, and resources you invest; I guarantee it.