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Years ago, as the Director of an intensive adolscent substance abuse treatment program serving multiple states throughout the Midwest, I know this was a fact – kids along the 94-65-69 Interstate triangle were abusing heroin at an alarming rate, both intravenously and through inhaling (think ‘needles’ and ‘nose’).

Today, as a private practitioner working with substance abuse in a rural community, I can tell you the problem has only gotten worse – it has migrated from “the big cities” to infect the outlying communities.  The most dangerous part; denial – “it’s not in our town”, and lack of understanding, only lead to greater problems, and more deaths.

We are offering an opportunity to face the problem, educate yourself, and learn to prevent this scourge from infecting your community.

The Plymouth Fraternal Order of Police and the Marshall County Committee for Drug & Tobacco Free Indiana will be hosting a day-long seminar on herione use, abuse, and prevention titled Heroin is Here – speakers include Dr. Mann Spitler, who shares “Manda’s Story” the story of trying to revive his daughter from a heroin overdose.  I’ve worked with Dr. Spitler for almost a decade now and heard him speak a dozen times – every time I hear Manda’s Story, I can’t help but effected, I am sure you will be too.

We will also have several law enforcement officials who will speak about their experiences following the heroin traffic, and what you can do about it.

Finally, to end the day, I will host a panel of treatment providers and other individuals affected by heroin – former heroin addicts, parents of former addicts, and those who have suffered loss due to heroin.

It will be hosted at the Plymouth Wesleyan Church on Wednesday September 30th from 9am-3pm. Lunch and Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) will be provided. Please email Coordinator Valerie Hite at Val.Hite@gmail.com if you are interested in attending.