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One of the most widely used tools – especially in our office – for comparing, contrasting, and understanding different personality preferences or “types” is the Myers Brigss Type Indicator, or MBTI.

By answering a few dozen questions, the MBTI will suggest a 4-letter code that represents some of your more prominent personality preferences and an overall personality profile – with amazing accuracy.  Go ahead, try it – you can take a quick test and read about your profile here: MBTI

We use it to help individuals understand themselves, but to also understand how they interact with those around them – often the most frustrationg differences in a relationship are the result of some very basic differences in how two people see the world, make decisions, or communicate.  The idea being that when the differences are understood, that understanding will generate appreciation or at least respect for the differences.

We’ve shared this with you so that you can give it a try – have both you and your significant other take the test and read about your individual profiles (click on your 4-letter code to the right of the test) – then compare what you find and discuss how your differences may be the expression of your personality, and NOT a way that you are purposely trying to get under one another’s skin!  You can find more information at




Or, if you would like to explore deeper, we can help.